The Finanser’s Week: 21st November – 26th November 2016

This week’s main blog items are …

A Banking Carol

It was almost December 25, Christmas, and Jimmy Diamond was a happy man for a change. Just this week his bank had opened 100,000 new customer accounts (even though only 25,000 people had visited the bank); they had managed to sneak an extra 1% onto …

Reboot the bank’s boardroom NOW!

Bye bye banking job for life Many of the banking folk I meet have been with the bank as man and boy, woman and girl.  It’s a job for life.  Funnily enough, I’ve never known one of those jobs.  I guess it’s because I work …

R3 in bumpy waters

An interesting week as R3 goes through restructuring.   Santander and Goldman Sachs leave and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, a regulator, join.  Interesting. Since R3 arrived on the scene in 2014, it has been a train of technology.  The consortium started on September 15, 2015 …

Which digital currency will win: bitcoin or ether?

I’m a big fan of Kraken, the digital currency exchange in California, as it’s my main exchange for investing in digital assets.  If you want to know more, checkout their general overview at the end of this blog.  I’m also a fan of their blog, …

American Express … and the Book of Mormon

So here’s a story you’re gonna love. I did an American friend a favour and, to say thank you, they sent me $500 in the post in the form of a travelers cheque. Really generous, thank you, but what the hell is a travelers cheque? …


And this week’s biggest headlines include …

Is the next financial crisis on its way? – The Guardian

Sterling’s fall is over, says bullish UBS as it backs UK investments  – The Telegraph

Clydesdale boss defends Williams & Glyn bid – The Telegraph

What’s the difference between TTIP and TPP and why does Donald Trump want them scrapped? – The Telegraph

The UK’s natural advantages mean the City can continue its dominance post-Brexit – The Telegraph

HSBC and Barclays deemed less risky by global financial regulator – The Telegraph

Economists need to get into the real world, says Bank of England chief economist – The Telegraph

Lloyds big bet on credit cards looks like an ill-timed gamble – Financial Times

Lloyds in pole position for BofA’s UK credit card business – Financial Times

Barclays to unveil contactless smartphone cash withdrawals – The Telegraph

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