Bitcoin Startup Blockchain Adds 10 Millionth Wallet

Wallet service Blockchain has registered its 10 millionth bitcoin wallet.

Data shows that, as of today, 10,053,518 wallets have been created by users of the service. That’s 7m more than Blockchain reported in February of last year, a significant jump in the roughly 20 months since that time. The service reported just under 9.4m wallets late last month.

Announcing the 10 millionth wallet on its blog, Blockchain cited factors such as the US presidential election, the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and the vote by the UK to leave the European Union as key drivers of interest in bitcoin.

The company said of the milestone:

“While there’s still a lot to do, we can’t help but pause this week to give thanks for the millions of users who are helping us build an open, fair and accessible financial future. We are excited and honored to be on this path with you all.”

Earlier this month, Blockchain said that it was working with payments startup Coinify to create a new in-wallet bitcoin buying option. Currently in beta, the option is expected to see a wider European release in the weeks ahead, followed by a global rollout sometime next year.

Blockchain has raised $30m in venture funding to date from a single Series A round in 2014.

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