The Price of Bitcoin Has Stayed Above $760 for 7 Days

Bitcoin (BTC) prices have been trading north of $760 for more than a week now, according to data from the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

The price has been lingering above this level during a seven-day period in which the digital currency hit a 34-month high. Markets surpassed $760 at 10:00 UTC on 7th December, managing to reach one week above this level early on 14th December, figures show.

Bitcoin prices surged to $788.49 on 13th December, which represented the currency’s highest price this year and also its most elevated price since February 2014.

Thus far in 2016, bitcoin prices have rarely surpassed $760, according to BPI data. The digital currency surpassed this price on 2nd December, the first time it had exceeded $760 since June, but quickly fell back below this level.

Over the next few weeks, bitcoin prices repeatedly flirted with their previous high of $781.31 reached in June, but continually failed to surpass that previous peak. However, on 13th December, the digital currency’s price broke past $781.31, hovering above that price for a few hours before declining back below $780.

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