The Finanser’s Week: 27th November – 4th December 2016

A summary of the main blogs of the week …

What do retail customers want?

I blogged the other day about too many banks and that there’s not a big enough market for forty of them here in Britain.  It made me think about what do customers really want?  We talk about digital, apps, mobile and more, and yet the …

What do wealthy customers want?

I talk to a lot of wealth managers and private banks. They want to lead in digital as their clients are the coolest, richest people on the planet.  It used to be that everything for a high net worth (HNW) client was face-to-face; now it’s …

Can banks change their control freak cultures?

I was intrigued by a comment made by Anne Boden, founder of Starling Bank, on a panel I chaired the other day.  Anne used to work for ABN Amro, AIB and RBS, and is now a Fintech start-up and her comment went along the lines …

China’s Fintech scene is a phenomena

When I was growing up, America was the superpower that we followed and Russia was in a Cold War.  Today, there are two superpowers – America and China – and Russia is still in a bit of a Cold War that might be thawed by …

Global networks need global finance

I’ve recently been wowed by series such as House of Cards (Netflix) and The Man in the High Castle (Amazon), and am really blown away by The Crown (Netflix) and The Grand Tour (Amazon).   I’m blown away not because these are good internet shows, which …


And this week’s top 10 news stories are:

Bank of England yields to vegan pressure over plastic fivers – The Telegraph

Trump to appoint former Goldman banker as Treasury secretary – The Telegraph

New online payment safeguards ‘brilliant news’ – BBC
Two new safeguards to protect people paying money online or via banking apps are welcomed as “brilliant news” by a personal finance expert.

Staley’s bet on Barclays investment bank pays off – Financial Times
Some investors worry about ‘doubling-down’ of strategy at expense of Africa

100 Women 2016: Santander boss Shriti Vadera on sexism in banking – BBC
Shriti Vadera, Chair of Santander UK, tells Laura Kuenssberg how she reached the top despite intense challenges.

Tesco Bank under investigation for possibly ignoring warning of potential cyberattack – IB Times
A probe has been reportedly launched into Tesco Bank, in efforts to determine whether the bank failed to heed warnings of a security flaw in its payment systems, which may have allowed hackers to make away with millions of pounds.

Mark Carney to warn EU bureaucrats they face messy divorce if they fail to adapt to Brexit – The Telegraph

Santander in U-turn over ringfencing plans on Brexit – Financial Times
Complexity of creating two viable standalone banks too difficult with UK leaving EU

Clydesdale Bank boss has ‘no concerns’ on his ability to execute a Williams & Glyn deal – The Telegraph

Barclays to combine banking and investment services – Financial Times
Single platform aimed at addressing ‘advice gap’ is first of its kind, says UK lender


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