The Finanser’s Week: 14th November – 20th November 2016

A summary of the main blogs of the week …

It’s so easy to hack you, and here’s how

It was really interesting listening to Jamie Woodruff, The Ethical Hacker, talking about how he can break into anyone’s system.  It’s pretty easy when you know how.  His discussion shows just how easy it is, if you have confidence to con.  This reminded me of …

Too many banks

I’m losing track of the number of new banks that have announced they are launching in Britain.  I say there’s 40, but there appears to be a new one every day.  The latest one is Zopa, the P2P lender, who are branching out … not …

Why #Brexit is good for The City of London

Just heard a really interesting point of view from Professor Tim Congdon, CEO of International Monetary Research.  He was putting a clearly positive spin from a City viewpoint on the outlook for Brexit.  He began by talking about Medieval times of doing business and stated …

#Singapore’s #Fintech Festival

As I look back on my travels this year, it’s interesting to see where I have and haven’t been.  Spent a lot of time in Singapore, Istanbul, London (obviously), New York and Washington.  I count these as my hotbeds of fintech innovation.  I’ve also briefly …


I heard this phrase – paranoia-as-a-service – for the first time recently, but I’m hearing paranoia in banking mentioned more and more often. It’s not surprising after the Tesco hack, but what can you do about it? If banks are meant to be the most …


And this week’s top 10 news stories are:

Barclays boss: London’s ‘gravitational pull’ on finance will not wane after Brexit – The Telegraph

RBS fine for toxic securities ‘could be more than $12bn’, UKFI warns – The Telegraph

Santander buys back asset management business – Financial Times
Chairman Ana Botín unwinds another part of late father’s strategy

RBS rejected Goldman, Deloitte warning over 2008 cash call, lawsuit alleges – Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) – Just hours before Royal Bank of Scotland launched a massive cash call in 2008 to shore up its capital, the bank’s senior advisers were still discussing whether its financial figures were potentially misleading for investors, court documents allege.

How is India embracing cashless trading? – BBC
The BBC’s Sameer Hashmi looks at how shoppers and traders in India are embracing cashless trading.

Tourists struggling to find cash in India – BBC
The new currency laws in India are causing chaos for travellers and residents alike.

Court documents allege clashes inside RBS over 2008 toxic assets – Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) – Royal Bank of Scotland bosses avoided repricing billions of dollars of souring investments on the eve of the 2008 financial crisis for fear of endangering bonuses and a takeover bid for a rival, court documents allege.

Google boss on £1bn UK investment – BBC
Google chief executive Sundar Pichai explains why the tech giant is investing an estimated £1bn in the UK.

Rumours swirl of €13bn fund-raising by UniCredit  – The Telegraph

Dark web hackers boast of Tesco Bank thefts – BBC
A cybersecurity firm says hackers boasted on the dark web of stealing funds from Tesco Bank two months ago.


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