The digital future of KYC


13th December 2016 15:30 UK Time


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The requirements for financial institutions to implement and execute watertight KYC and AML controls during the customer onboarding process – and beyond – are undoubtedly getting more stringent due to higher regulation. The EU’s latest Anti-Money Laundering Directive (4AMLD) ups the stakes even further for banks and financial institutions in an already highly-regulated area. In short, 4AMLD makes life more complex for financial institutions in almost every possible way. But one key aspect, the changing regulatory environment, holds out the promise of enabling greater simplicity in the area of KYC.

Join Finextra and Mitek for their webinar on the 13th December 15:30 UK time to listen to a panel of industry experts including:

  • Daryl Wilkinson, Managing Director, DWC Ltd
  • Shaun Lavelle, SVP Risk; Payment Processing, Paysafe
  • Sarah Clark, General Manager, Identity, Mitek

Hear them discuss how banks, prepaid card operators, virtual/digital currency processors, exchanges and wallets are being encouraged to embrace the digitalisation of traditionally cumbersome processes such as identity verification, ownership validation and extensive background checking in order to achieve a greater simplification of KYC in this changing regulatory environment.

Tune in and learn more from this webinar’s panel of experts on digital identity, KYC, regulation and customer experience as they address a number of key questions including:

  • How is changing regulation making KYC a tougher challenge for financial institutions?
  • What are the upsides of new regulation for banks’ KYC approaches?
  • How do traditional paper-based, in-person KYC checks negatively impact on financial institutions and their customers?
  • How could digital identity verification improve this situation?
  • Are digital identity verification technologies fit for mainstream, widespread adoption by financial institutions?
  • Will customers of all kinds accept the digitalisation of KYC, and what does the industry need to do to smooth the  transition?
  • What are the control and governance implications of the move to digital KYC and how can banks stay on top of these requirements?
  • How does digital identity verification fit within the emerging regtech picture and what value does regtech bring in this changing regulatory landscape?

Sign up now to our webinar on the 13th December and be part of the discussion on how to exploit the potential while avoiding the pitfalls, of the move to digital KYC.


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