Innovate Finance Publishes Women in FinTech 2016 Powerlist

  • Nearly 200 global women featured
  • List includes CEOs, CFOs, HR assistants and marketers
  • Female Founders and CEOs from Innovate Finance membership profiled
  • Powerlist here
  • Full list with biographies here

November 30th 2016, London, UK: Innovate Finance, the UK membership organisation that represents global FinTech, today published its 2016 Women FinTech Powerlist. The list celebrates the contribution of female talent that increasingly plays a crucial role in the development of the FinTech sector.

The initiative is an attempt to include all women who are driving FinTech global success from within the sector as well as outside Innovate Finance’s membership association. Innovate Finance currently has 200 members including financial institutions, startups and SMEs. From this membership base, 21 companies, ranging from banks to startups, are led by female founders and CEOs, including Azimo, Essentia Analytics, Mangopay, Santander, Scalable Capital and Neyber.

Innovate Finance launched the power list initiative in March, calling on members of the community– both men and women- to nominate and submit the names of female colleagues who should be recognised for their contributions to the sector.

The women that make up the power list play different roles in the sector, from CEO to marketing managers, lawyers and from professional services. Innovate Finance’s initiative celebrates all of their unique journeys into FinTech and their collective career stories.

“Following the great success of our International Women’s Day event in March we want to ensure the contributions that women make in FinTech are recognised,” said Lawrence CEO of Innovate Finance. “With Innovate Finance’s 2016 Women in FinTech Powerlist we pay tribute not just to our FinTech founders and leaders but to women across institutional, government, venture capital and professional services ecosystems. Together they are playing an important role in making FinTech successful.”

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