Engaging the unengaged customer Survey

Engaging the unengaged customer Survey

How well do you think you engage with your customers? Do you feel that they interact with you more, and are engaged less? Are you grappling with how to create relationships with customers who just log on, transact and log off?

The danger of unengaged customers is that they have little loyalty, and little faith that their bank is really interested in making their financial lives better. If customers believe their banks to be impersonal, monolithic, self-interested machines, then it’s a short step for the customer to look to the internet rather than their bank when they have a new financial need. The result for the bank is reduced wallet share and lower profitability.

To counter this trend, banks need to form continuous and personal relationships with their customers, even in this digitally-driven age. Customer centricity will be key, as will the banks’ ability to offer genuine value (not just personalised offers) in the periods between opportunities to meet new concrete financial needs.

This survey addresses a number of key issues connected to the opportunity – and challenge – of engaging the unengaged customer, including how explicitly banks are tackling more continuous customer engagement today, the approaches they are taking to try to deliver value to customers above and beyond sales, and the technologies they see playing a role in supporting customer engagement strategies.

You are invited to participate and get priority access to the results.

The survey will be used to produce a report that will feature only anonymised and aggregated data. Individual responses are strictly confidential and your details will not be passed on to any third parties.


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