Blockchain Tech Can Redistribute Power and Erase Borders | Toni Lane Casserly

Imagine a world where governments compete for your citizenships. Bitcoin and Blockchain expert Toni Lane Casserly explains how this technology could anoint people over institutions.


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Transcript – We live in a distributed Pangaea. I mean we’re all one continent once and what is a border? A border is like someone walking into your house with a can of gas and a gun and setting the can of gas down and looking at you and saying this is my house. And you’re like what? Me and my indigenous family have lived here for centuries, like this is our house and colonialism says no, this is my house and if you don’t want to go and like warship our deities and all these things then like you have options. And one is the gun, which could be for you, or the other is kick over the can of gas. I can just burn this down and you would have nothing left and then it would be much easier for it to be mine. And I have no capital issues rebuilding it after I destroy it. That’s how we created borders. What?

What kind of a world do we live in where that’s acceptable? And that still acceptable all over the world today, it’s just a generally not as public. But it’s nuts. And do I think that we will live in a fully borderless world? That’s going to take a lot of change or a lot of time and we’ll see what happens with the effects of climate change, which could fundamentally have some massive impacts as far as creating what I would call a civilized refugee crisis. But the way that we’re starting to think about living in a borderless world is actually through one of my technologies. And it is founded by Suzanne Tempelhof and I’m a partner in the company it’s called Bitnation. And Bitnation is essentially the idea of Facebook for governance or DIY government. And we start out creating a borderless society by actually working on a human rights platform for people who have been disenfranchised. So we use blockchain technology to give refugees a global identity, a one-world citizenship. Read Full Transcript Here:


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