Blockchain Explained, What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed public ledger for transactions of value. It’s the underlying technology behind Bitcoin but it will revolutionize the entire financial world, including real estate, stock market, insurance, retail and even democratic voting. Anything of value can be recorded using blockchain technology, eliminating intermediaries and increasing efficiency. This video discusses how blockchain technology works and implications for our world. This is video is based, in part, on the following video by WIRED.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is an expert on global business trends including blockchain, big data and the social media revolution. He’s a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV and earns over 90% of his income in speaking fees. He has lectured at various educational institutions including Purdue University and Stanford University. Contact us to check availability for your upcoming event.

Phone: 415-881-7530

Other prominent keynote speakers in the blockchain space include Blythe Masters, Roger Ver and Peter Smith.


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