Blockchain Cybersecurity

A former British Foreign Office official joined the board of the block starter chain SETL.

Martin Clements was Chief Technology Officer of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Clements is the second high-profile British officer aboard the SETL note in the past year. In December last year, the start-up appointed the former director of the Bank of England, Sir David Walker as president.

The announcement follows the news that SETL is one of a group of start-up block chain recently green light for the start-up sandbox of the Financial Authority (CAF), launched a financial regulator UK. This effort was launched to provide a foundation for new start-ups to test – and potentially risky – technologies under surveillance.

Depending on the startup, the Startup Clements will advise on technology issues, drawing on its work in the area of ​​national and cyber security, while working for the UK government.
Leasing is a remarkable example of a British government official to enter the space of the block chain. For much of the past year, several government movement organizations to test the support of block chain applications, following the recommendations of its chief scientific advisor to actively seek ways to process and explore technology .


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