ABN Amro applies blockchain tech to the logistics sector

ABN Amro is working with Dutch university TU Delft and a host of other partners to test the use of blockchain technology in the logistics sector.

Working with 14 other players from different industries – including Port of Rotterdam, Royal FloraHolland and Innopay – the bank and university are focussing on three user cases: supply chain finance, inventory finance and circular economy.

The TKI Dinalog project will see the partners spend two years designing, developing, and implementing what they call a new information infrastructure that is rooted in blockchain technology that connects operational information, financial flows and contracts.

Programme manager, supply chain finance, Martijn Siebrand, say: “We are applying blockchain technology to the financial routes in logistics. But that’s just the start. I can see this development culminate in the logistics sector of the future, more coherent and smooth all across the chain.”

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