2016-15 How Blockchain Will Transform the Digital Economy

Prof. Christian Catalini, Assistant Professor, MIT Sloan (@ccatalini)
Anders Brownworth, Principal Engineer, Circle (@anders94)
Peter Nichol, Principal, PA Consulting Group (@PeterBNichol)
Simon Peffers, Senior Software Architect, Intel (#SimonPeffers)
Matthew Utterback, Co-Founder, Rex Mercury, Inc. (#MattUtterback)
Blockchain is gathering momentum, transcending beyond bitcoin. It has the promise of propelling the ledger, one of the oldest and most important concepts in finance, into the Internet age. It also has the potential of improving cybersecurity, digital identity and audit trails. Applications range from smart contracts to supply chain management, automation and artificial intelligence. We’ll discuss how blockchain may upend your business model and revolutionize the way you do business.


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